What is Medical Coding?

With the booming healthcare industry there has been a rising demand for the medical coding experts.

It is supported by the fact that according to a survey by American Hospital Association approximately 18% of medical billing and coding positions remain unfulfilled as a result of lack of expertise.

Also it is recorded in the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that the medical billing and coding is one of the 10 fastest growing healthcare professions.

The Medical Coding Process in Detail:

The work of professional medical coders is requires great detailing and accuracy as he has to generate the accurate medical code from the patient’s treatment details, report details and health history. The medical coding uses specialized standards like ICD-9-CM for classifying diseases. For current procedural terminology of hospital providers the medical coding system uses Level 1 HCPCS coding system whereas for hospitals, physicians and health professionals Level 2 HCPCS coding system is used. To encode the diagnosis the DRG coding system is used and several similar coding systems are used to generate a perfect alphanumeric medical code. Hence the process of medical coding requires paying attention to minutest details and great accuracy.

This code generated by the medical coding professionals is passed on to the patients or the medical billing department. It helps the insurance industry understand the whole medical process of the patient thoroughly and efficiently and process the claim faster.

Areas of Knowledge Required by Medical Coding Professionals:

An efficient certified medical coder should possess in-depth knowledge of several topics related to the industry and healthcare industry as well. They should have expertise with filling the form CMS-1500and completing the claims thoroughly. They should also possess thorough knowledge of Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans, its correct filing methods and complete claim processing details. They are also expected to have in-depth knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid services, their eligibility criteria and their complete claiming process details. They should also possess thorough knowledge of Tricare and Workers’ Compensation Scheme.

The medical coding professionals must have through knowledge of the various coding standards including ICD-9-CM, CPT coding, HCPCS coding and more.

Job Security for a Certified Medical Coder:

Physicians depend a lot on the perfect process of medical billing and coding experts in order to ensure that they are paid perfectly for their services and that they are not charged any penalties for submitting wrong medical codes. A certified medical coder once trained well has a good long term opportunity to work for the given healthcare service provider. Supervisors spend a lot of quality time on professionals to train them according to their procedures for medical coding and hence once trained perfectly they have bright scope of long term employment with the same employer.

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