The Evolution of Medicine, and Medical Billing

The practice of medicine, along with all the billing that goes along with providing medical services, has evolved greatly over the years.  Years ago, the practice of medicine was much simpler, basically involving just a local doctor and his patients. Back in the very old days, these village doctors (who were not required to have a license or other certification) were known to make “house calls” and patients sometimes paid for services by trading goods (like chickens or a bag of apples) for services. Since then, things have obviously evolved a great deal.

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As the practice of medicine has grown more sophisticated, with insurance playing an important role in covering costs, billing for services has also become much more complex.  The complexity involved means it’s no longer possible for a medical practitioner to take over the billing for his entire office. The many types of procedures used today and the many types of insurance coverage involved in covering fees for services have made medical billing a separate profession, one that must be studied, and one that involves extensive training.


Yes, we now live in a sophisticated world. Medical services today may be covered by private insurance carriers or by government agencies like Medicare or Medicaid. This means the practice of medical billing and coding is quite challenging: it involves education and training at accredited institutions or colleges. The good news is that well-trained professionals can parlay their knowledge into a variety of jobs that range from full-time to temporary, or to consulting positions.


Yes, the complexity of medical billing has conspired to create a new type of professional opportunity. The profession also offers a degree of flexibility, as there are many different ways to work in billing services. Some offices are set up solely for medical billing, and some physician’s offices have billing professionals working onsite. Still others work on a locum, or temporary basis, on assignment. This is a work dynamic that suits some professionals, as it offers flexibility and even an opportunity for travel and a change of scene.

So, where are these “locum” – temporary assignments found? Today some agencies specialize in matching medical administrative professionals with locum positions. This new work dynamic provides a range of opportunities for workers who are open to the possibilities that come with temporary assignments.

Yes, the practice of medicine, and medical billing, has evolved greatly. The good news is that the evolving nature of medicine, healing, and the way services are paid for has created professional opportunities for those willing to train for this kind of work.

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