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Medical Billing Profession: A Smart Career Choice

With the increasing healthcare market the need for qualified medical billing professionals is also increasing. The medical billing and coding professionals are responsible for submitting the claims of the patients to the insurance companies by which the medical practitioners will get reimbursed for the services they provide to the patients. This whole process of submitting claims requires great dedication and good communication skills and knowledge of all coding standards in the industry as well as good accounting and computer skills.

Duties of a Medical Biller and Coder:

A professional medical biller is expected to perform several duties in the office of the healthcare service provider which range from explaining insurance benefits to patients, office book-keeping and other administrative duties, handling day to day medical billing procedures, accurately filing claims to the insurance industries, prompt billing of the insurance companies, handling day to day patient queries regarding claim passing and negotiating with the insurance companies in order to get maximum claim amounts passed for the client, scheduling appointments and other similar jobs.

A professional medical biller is expected to have good knowledge of computers and the softwares used to file claims, submit the patient and EOB statements, take prints of necessary statements and other similar tasks.

Annual Packages of Medical Billing and Coding Professionals:

Basic quality required in a medical biller is that he should be skillful enough to get the medical practitioner’s money reimbursed form the insurance industry and generate positive cash flow in the office in order to maintain smooth flow of the medical practice. A medical billing professional efficient in this can easily manage to get up to $50K to $70K annually. One primary requirement in order to meet this pay package is to hold certification course by either American Association of Medical Billers or the National Association of Claims Assistant Professional or American Health Information Management Association or the National Healthcareer Association. What is more amazing is that this profession can well be explored by working at home as well. Worldwide a great number of professionals have succeeded in their careers by working as freelancer medical billing and coding specialist with full dedication from the comfort of home.

Career Opportunities for a Medical Biller and Coder:

A medical biller and coder have several specialization options as well for their career advancements out of which few are listed below:

  • Billing specialist and Coordinator
  • Claims Analyst, processor and reviewer
  • Claims Assistant Professional
  • Electronic Claims Processor
  • Patient Account Representative
  • Medical Coding Specialist
  • Reimbursement Specialist

Such specialization can always help one to raise their annual income and hence help directly in their career growth. After such specializations one can always get promoted to higher management levels based on their individual skills.

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