Medical Billing and Coding Expert Interview

Read this interview excerpts and decide for yourself how rewarding and exciting the medical billing career is.

Job of Medical Billing Specialist:

Medical billers and coder’s job is very interesting and requires great dedication towards one’s job. One has to analyze all the procedures the patient has undergone and follow strict medical coding rules and guidelines and generate the code for further processes. It requires great analytical skills as well.

Typical Working Day of a Medical Billing Expert:

An expert medical coder has to start his day by reading the charts and then begin coding. In bigger organizations there are departments for coding which can be separated as inpatient, outpatient, and surgery and so on. In smaller medical practices the medical biller and coder is expected to do all the coding and also at times fix appointments and schedule meetings.

Most Challenging Job of a Medical Biller and Skills Required for Enhancing Abilities:

The most challenging task for a medical biller expert is to decipher the doctor’s bills and treatment papers. At times they become very difficult to decipher accurately to know the level of treatment given to the patient and hence may lead to mistakes in medical coding as well.

Medical coders need to be very fluent with the coding rules and regulations. They also need to keep abreast with latest billing and coding software in the industry. They need to be detail oriented and dedicated towards their job.

Who Should Follow Medical Billing Job?

Medical Billing job is for those who are detail oriented and can work independently on their own, making their own decisions and need not interact a lot with many people. If you have all these qualities then medical billing and coding is the right career choice for you.

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