Medical Billers Need Fitness Too

Medical billers enjoy a lucrative and stable career that is in high demand, but that does not require extensive post high school academic instruction. The profession is also attractive to many job seekers because it does not require heavy lifting or otherwise strenuous activity.

Medical billers work in doctor’s offices, clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, government agencies and dental offices among other locations. They spend most of their work time in computer related environments reading and reviewing medical documents provided by medical professionals for insurance purposes.

The profession is remarkably concern free, but the sedentary nature of the work does have the potential to cause certain medical conditions that can and should be avoided. By spending long periods of time in a stationary, sitting position a person can become more susceptible to obesity, poor circulation and eye strain among other ailments.

The best way to control the development of these types of situations and maintain overall health and wellbeing at acceptable levels is to exercise regularly and have a proper diet. These two components of any healthy lifestyle will go far in countering any negative affects related to extended computer work.


Eating healthy is important to keep the body functioning properly and the immune system warding off disease. Careful selections should be made to ensure all food groups are properly represented. Avoid sugars and excessive portions. A new school of nutrition thought has declared carbohydrates no longer off limits and suggests instead that slow carb recipes are the key to maintaining a balanced diet.

Moderation should be observed at all times; however, remember that exercising does a great job at burning calories and fat. It is imperative though to eat enough protein and carbohydrates to keep muscle mass from being depleted. As with most things, the more you can eat fruits and vegetables and avoid fried foods and sweets, the better.


To ensure proper circulation and that weight gain doesn’t occur, a mixed cardiovascular and weight training regimen should be established. That doesn’t have to be an intimidating prospect, though.

Activities like walking, running, biking, swimming, dancing and any number of other heart-rate-increasing exercises will do wonders to build stamina and proper body function. There is little need to engage in any cardiovascular exercise more than two or three times each week.

Weight training should involve light weights and a high volume of repetition. This will build muscle mass without causing a bloating effect that really isn’t what most people are looking for in an exercise program.

Medical billing is an in-demand profession for many reasons and it is likely to continue to be that way for years to come. It’s a great time to be a medical biller, but make sure not to neglect basic health and fitness because the repercussions down the road can be significant.

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