Lytec Medical Billing Software 2010

Lytec medical billing software is a leading medical billing program that handles billing, scheduling, accounts receivable, and so on. This is comprehensive practice management software that is capable of handling a wide range of functions and practice types.

One of the package’s salient features is its easily customizable billing grid. Different insurance companies may have different stipulations and requirements regarding submission of claims. The software a medical practice uses needs to reflect this, and Lytec is especially useful on this level. It allows the user to easily change the payor characteristics and bills it generates to suit and almost endless variety of claim types and situations. Not only do carriers sometimes change their submission requirements, but changes in health care legislation at the state or federal level also affect the billing process. Lytec handles all this with flexibility, efficiency, and user friendly accessibility.

Another area where Lytec medical billing software exhibits this ease of use and flexibility is in terms of scheduling. The program’s appointment scheduler allows the user to pinpoint times and dates in a quick and seamless way. This eliminates wasted time in the office trying to find the right pages and columns just so an appointment can be typed in.

The revenue management feature of the software has built in error checking capabilities. Many claims are rejected by insurance companies due to filing errors (such as, for instance, failure to comply with recently instituted ANSI standards for coding norms or similar technical, syntactical, or coding issues) so a practice that can identify them before hand is in a much better position with regard to receiving payment in a timely manner.

Insurance carriers also reject claims on the basis of ineligibility. The Lytec revenue management feature takes this into consideration as well, allowing the user to check the insurance eligibility of medical services before actually submitting the claim. It also synthesizes 835 electronic remittance advice – a system of advice and explanations to facilitate claims filing and payment to providers – into an easy to use intuitive page, allowing the user to review the bill in the light of this advice.

Some other strong points of Lytec medical billing 2010 include:

Supports multiple users

Up to 5 individuals can access the software at the same time. This makes its adaptability to offices with a number of billers working on the same claim exceptional.

Code Import

One of three add on modules for use with the basic package, code import enables the most recent diagnostic and procedural codes to be loaded into the program, making code compliance easy and efficient.

Eservice packages

Along with the software itself, users have the option of purchasing eService packages such as electronic claims processing, eligibility, remittance advice, and E-prescribing.

Technical Support

Lytec offers complete technical support options on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Unlimited technical support calls are allowed during the support period purchased. This allows the medical practice to avoid time loss due to technical issues and focus on maximizing their billing efficiency and thus profits.

New 2010 features

The 2010 version has a number added features including automatic backup of data, automatic appointment recalls, appointment scheduler co-payment, and task scheduling.

These are only some of the features in the 2010 Lytec medicall billing software package. The package is not prohibitively expensive. It has three basic versions, depending mainly on whether you need a single, three, or multiple user solution. These range from around 3k to just over 4k.This product has made a name for itself due to its versatility, ease of use, and wide array of features.

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