Mastering The Medical Billing and Coding Job Interview

Having a job interview for the position of medical biller and coder may be your main goal after obtaining your diploma, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stressful.

This job interview is the first step in gaining employment in a exciting new career and you will definitely want to impress your employer by “aceing” the job interview and performing well in it. Read on for our valuable tips which will help you undertake the job interview successfully.

Mastering The Job Inteview: Draw From Your Impressive Resume

It is right to assume that since you are being granted a job interview, your prospective employer was impressed by your resume. So be sure to go back to it, and make sure you highlight directly the skills and assets you have, and then re-reference those in the face-to-face meeting with your employer.

Important tip: If you have a certification of any sort, be sure that you emphasize this. Formal certification is not required to work in the medical billing and coding field, so the fact that you are certified clearly demonstrates both your serious and your qualifications. And do not fail to emphasize any specialization or extra credits that you have gained during the certification.

Mastering The Medical Billing and Coding Job Interview: Dress For Success

You only have once chance to make a first impression. If show up to your job interview in track pants, with your hair unwashed and uncombed, you’re are sending a message; “this interview doesn’t mean much to me.” If you show up looking professional and proficient, that too sends a statement; “I’m professional and qualified, and I am serious about obtaining this job. ”

Take home lesson: dress for success!

Mastering The Medical Billing and Coding Job Interview: Make Your Employer Want You:

Show your employer how best you suit their organization. If you are someone who…

  • Delivers a high standard of work
  • Pays attention to details
  • Is extremely efficient
  • Has analytical skills
  • Is dependabile and reliable
  • Is a team player
  • Is professional and friendly
  • Works confortable in a team setting

You are simply the one any organization would be thrilled to have as their medical billing professional. Make sure your employer knows that you will be an asset, not a liability.

Mastering The Medical Billing and Coding Job Interview: Establish Your Credentials

Bring everything you have that qualifies the statements made in your resume. You’ll want to bring your diploma from an accredited school, plus proof of whatever certifications you may have. Show the employer that you are serious by amassing all the necessary documentation for his or her review.

Practice For The Interview

Practice for this interview beforehand. Act the whole thing out, starting from walking in and sitting down. If you can, sit down in front of a mirror and watch your reflection. What do you see?  A confident, sell assured person? Or a nervous unsure person? If you see the latter, practice until you see the former. That’s the sort of person employers want to hire.

Special tip: Always, always, always switch off your cell phone before entering the interview room.The last thing you want during an interview is your phone ringing or signaling you have a new text message.

Special tip: If you do not understood a question, politely and clearly ask for the question to be clarified so you can answer it accurately. Do not – I repeat do not – try to answer the question based on what you think it might mean. By asking for clarification, you are demonstrating your confidence and self assuredness, and the employer will respect that. It also shows that if you encounter something you don’t understand, you don’t have a problem asking for clarification or assistance. Believe it or not, this is an asset in an employee.

Ask yourself some of the most common questions asked in any interview…

Why did you choose to get involved with medical billing and coding?

Are you a team person, comfortable with working with many people, or you prefer to work alone?

What would you say is your biggest asset?

What would you say is your biggest detriment?

What are your expectations from this job?

Why should I hire you over any of the other applicants I have?

If you are currently employed…

“Why are you leaving your current job?”

If you do your homework, prepare properly and practice you’ll do fine. And even if you don’t get this job, you will succeed eventually.

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