Exploring Medical Billing Specialties

Medical billing has always been a popular career choice. Not only do students require less training than most fields, but medical billing is also a career that can sometimes be done from home. One of the biggest questions students have is whether or not they should specialize in one field of medical billing or become a general medical billing associate. The answer really depends on what the person is looking for. Here are just three things to consider when training for a career in general or specialist medical billing. learn more on warts

Amount of Work

One of the first things you will notice about specializing in a certain field of medical billing is that there is less to remember. A medical billing associate working in a general practice will see hundreds of different charges come through, while a specialist will see fewer charges on a more frequent basis. Because the charges will fall into a small group, they will be easier to memorize and enter into the computer. A specialist may also have less work to do depending on her field. A specialist working for a dentist, for example, will see fewer bills than someone who works for a family doctor’s office.


When people specialize in a field they usually receive a higher level of compensation. For example, a doctor that works in a family practice will make less than a doctor who’s a urologist. The reason is the person has taken advanced courses to prepare her for a much more specialized career. Because she knows the field so well, she is able to charge a higher rate. The same can be said of medical billing specialists. The salary range for medical billing clerks ranges from a little over $25,000 to over $37,000. Specialists can expect to be on the higher end of that scale but you can generally expect a comfortable salary that will prevent you from needing mobiloans.com unless you have a dire financial emergency.

Job Availability

There is no better time than now to become a medical billing associate. The availability of jobs in this profession is expected to increase 20-percent in the next 10 years due to the aging baby boomer population. However, it may be easier to find a job in general medical billing than as a specialist. It all boils down to the fact that there are more general doctors’ offices than specialists. Being able to handle it all, may come in handy.

Whatever choice you make in a career in medical billing is a smart decision. The availability of jobs continues to grow and training takes much less time than the average career. A good piece of advice may be to start out in general medical billing and work on obtaining certification as a specialist. This ensures that you find a job quickly, but can then move on to a higher paying career.

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