Enjoy a Career as an Occupational Therapist

An occupational therapist is a highly respected medical professional. With such a career, you will be able to enjoy great job satisfaction, a challenging work environment that is never boring, and the ability to make a real and very tangible difference in the lives of those people that you are working with. With flexibility built right into this career, as well as explosive growth expected, a career as an occupational therapist can be the right choice for you.

Helping people become more independent is the backbone of choosing a career as an occupational therapist. Whether your patient is a child who is experiencing developmental delays that prevent them from living a more independent life or a war veteran who is recovering from injuries sustained in the line of duty, your job will be to provide them with the tools and exercises that give them the strength and knowledge to be more independent.

You will find that you never have two days that are the same when you choose a career as an occupational therapist. You may find yourself playing games with a child using safe mats and age appropriate toys. What the child doesn’t realize, however, is that all the games are carefully designed to build strength and assist in sharpening the skills that are needed to move to the next developmental stage. How many careers allow you to play on the job and have a great time seeing the smile of a happy child?

In another instance, you might find yourself in a pool helping elderly patients gain strength on the side of their body that was affected by their recent stroke. By providing challenging exercises that move your patient to ever increasing strengths without frustrating them, you will be encouraging them to regain their much desired independence. In this career, you’re both a cheerleader and a coach: you can provide the motivation and tools that are necessary for that success and you can urge people to improve and do better every time.

An occupational therapist must be licensed after successfully completing an accredited educational program and passing a required exam. In part due to a general growth in the medical field itself, and in part due to the fact that people need services such as occupational therapy more often than ever before, the demand for this career is projected to be higher than the average.

In addition, you can enjoy salaries that reflect this demand, as well as the amount of education that is required in order to pursue a career as an occupational therapist.

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